Site Currently Inactive

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

This website is currently not doing anything.  There’s no content, nothing to see, nothing to do.  This will change in due course, and eventually this will be my little professional/demo reel/highlight reel/board test/hey look what I can do site.  For now, however, it’s empty and doing nothing because I’m frankly too busy doing things to spend a lot of time telling everyone what I’m doing.

If you want to find out what’s up with me, I recommend:

  • LowGenius.Net – PC gaming, music, media reviews, and personal blog/diary type stuff.  Eventually stuff like all my old pictures from when I was in the wrestling business will go here, too.
  • JohnHenry.US – this is where I’m currently most active, and contains the political, social, and media analysis and commentary for which I’m best known.

There are various other places I go and things I do, but if you’re on this site, those are the two you’re probably looking for.  Thanks for your patience.